B6550 IP 50W VHF Transceiver



  • Multi-mode software defi ned radio
    compliant with ETSI specifi cations
  • 50W 112-155.975 MHz capability
  • Comprehensive analogue and digital interfaces
  • Flexible power supply
  • Designed for long maintenance free service






Park Air Systems T6 multimode digital radios (PAE T6 MDR) offer a versatile range of software programmable radios that fulfi l today's analogue needs and the growing demand for digital communications within the aerospace environment. Designed for long maintenance free service, T6 radios are the optimum choice for professional ATC provision.
Capable of containing four different software defi ned air interface waveforms the B6550 Transceiver has power output adjustable from 5 to 50W and the receiver utilises advanced DSP algorithms to maximise dynamic range and fi delity for optimum performance in the congested RF environments commonly experienced in ATC installations.
Two variants are available covering the 118-136.975 MHz ATC band and and the extended VHF band 112-155.975 MHz, both are designed to provide optimal performance in existing AM 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz analogue services and to offer capability for VDL modes where a suitable ground infrastructure is in place.

The transceiver supports ICAO ANNEX 10 recommendations for 2,3,4 and 5 carrier climax (offset-carrier) operation with 25 kHz channels and 2 carrier climax operation with 8,33 kHz channels.
A comprehensive set of radio interfaces provide for integration into various alternative digital and analogue ground infrastructure architectures commonly deployed in ATM systems. An E1 interface supports connection to PAS E1-RIC routers providing 29 channels of audio and RCMS data over a single E1 line. An IP interface supports SNMP and RCMS data for control applications and also the latest VoIP protocols defi ned by EUROCAE. In addition 600 ohm 4-wire E&M analogue facilities and RS422 serial ports offer multiple interface alternatives.
Comprehensive continuous and interruptive built-in tests (BIT) provide confi dence of the radio's serviceability with results viewed on the front panel LCD and summarised by alarm indicators.
BIT results are rolled-up and transported via E1 and serial interfaces for remote analysis via PAE MARC or similar RCMS
systems. Front panel microphone/ headset connection and integral loudspeaker cater for local control
Power supplies may be either standard AC mains, or a low voltage 28V DC nominal supply. When both input supplies are connected, the DC supply acts as a back up that is automaticall y connected if the mains supply fails.